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FMA Baybayin by Nordenx FMA Baybayin by Nordenx
Filipino Martial Art poster with a repeating mantra for peace in Tagalog written in Baybáyin script on the background.

The short wavy blade on his right hand is a "Gunong". It is a shorter version of the Kalis or Kris sword. The Gunong is a short fighting and/or utility bladed weapon of the Maranao tribes, is commonly referred to as the Kris Knife outside of the Philippines. The Gunong is a thrusting blade that is sometimes used in conjunction with the Kris Sword. It is considered an important side arm and is used in close quarter fighting.

The long blade is a "Laring" sword; a light, quick, and devastating traditional Filipino Moro weapon.

For dramatic effect, the stance depicted above is based on a dance-like exhibition move; I don't think it's a combat-ready stance.

Eskrima or Escrima refers to a class of Filipino Martial Arts that emphasize stick and sword fighting. The term and the art most probably originates from the Spanish word esgrima which is the term for fencing. Other related terms which have entered into common usage include "Kali" and "Arnis de Máno" ("harness of the hand"). Occasionally, the abbreviation "FMA" ("Filipino Martial Arts") is used. Eskrima and Arnis are among the many names often used in the Philippines today to refer to these arts.

The bold baybayin characters on the foreground spells "Kali"; the art of Arnis or Eskrima may have had its roots in an Indonesian fencing style called tjakalele, from which the name Kali may also have sprung. This may also have influenced the different names of Eskrima, such as kalirongan, kaliradman, or pagkalikali in different regions of the Philippines. Also, the word Kali may have came from the Baybayin word "Ka-le-po" ("Kali Sports or Panlarong Kali) or Kalibo. This means that Kalibo, Aklan may have a sprung from the word Kali because many schools in Kalibo are teaching eskrima.
IshudaKun Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010
Nice colors, blends perfectly. I love the kalis.
nice work! Baybayin calligraphy is just art.
Nordenx Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thank you. :) I'm glad you like it.
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