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Filipino Pirate Banner by Nordenx Filipino Pirate Banner by Nordenx
This is a fictional Filipino Pirate Flag/Banner I created for a free multiplayer online game called Puzzle Pirates. It is a massive role playing game that involves puzzles and social interaction set in a Piratey online world. There are also social games of cards like Poker, Spades, and Hearts.

I started my own crew (Pinoy based but everyone else is welcome to join) in-game and this is our flag/banner that we use in our info page in the game's wiki.

The Jolly Rogers cross bones image that is normally replaced by two crossed "western" swords (scimitars, rapiers, cutlass, etc.) is replaced by two Filipino swords - a Moro Kris, and a Kampilan.

The 3 yellow stars represent the 3 archipelagos in the game's fictional Viridian ocean. The yellow sun and it's rays behind the Jolly Rogers image represents the Filipino in me that is trying to reach out to everyone online, all over the world and in-game, to spread our light, our culture, and share the warmth and fun of comradery.

The green (color representing Nobility) Baybayin script reads, "Anak Bathala, Lupang Malaya" (God Spawn, Free Land), Anak Bathala being my crew's name. The font I used is my very own Nordenx Baybayin Modern Block Font (TTF); I'll make this available for download online somewhere soon.

The background colors are basic Filipino Flag colors (red, white,and blue) , plus black to reflect the pirate aspect of the game.

If you want to try the game out and be a part of my crew, please feel free to follow this link -->>


My character's name is Nordenx, and I be the captain of the Anak Bathala crew. We sail the Viridian Ocean (Free Server). For more info on us and the game, ye can follow these links -->>



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chardx69 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2009
Wow!nice ganda nito..

talagan pinoy na pinoy..
krissthebliss Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008   Digital Artist
fuck yeah love it!!!
Revealed-Facade Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2006
Just a wondering, the way you wrote Anak Bathala in this picture in comparison to the way you wrote it in Tikbalang Showdown is different. Is that a typo or is there some rule where you can shorten it? Just asking because I'm learning how to write in baybayin right now, it'd be really helpful
Nordenx Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2006  Professional General Artist
There are rules, yes.

What I used here is the original (pre-Hispanic) old way of writing it. There are no trailing consonants or consonants without vowels after them (non syllabic/phonetic). That's why the characters used to represent "Anak Bathala" here are A Na Ba Ha La

What I used for the Tikbalang Showdown is how the Spanish Friars printed baybayin publications. They used a + kudlit to cancel out the "A" sound after a character so they can represent trailing consonants or consonants before another. That is why the characters used to represent "Anak Bathala" there are A Na K+ Ba T+ Ha La

For the basics, please visit this link: [link]
Revealed-Facade Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2006
Salamat :D

I think I'll stick with the original version. I plan on getting a tattoo in baybayin, haven't quite decided if I'm gonna go with the hispanic version which is easier to read, or the original version which is.....for a lack of better words, more pure. What do you think?
Nordenx Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2006  Professional General Artist
I use the both the Original and Spanish version (+kudlit) when appropriate. I would use the Spanish version for tattoos of people's names with Western or Spanish origins. However if it is a tattoo of a phrase or sentence using only pure Tagalog, Ilocano, or Bisaya words then I would suggest using the Original method.

These are some rules that I follow:

If a name can be translated into a native Filipino version of the word, then I choose the Original method of writing baybayin..

If any sentence can not be completed using all native filipino words then the Spanish method is prefered throughout the composition. Also -

If there are modern terms or foreign words that can not be translated to either Spanish (to use the Spanish method) or native Filipino, then that word is to be writen as-is using the Roman Alphabet. Whatever method is being used throughout the composition is kept.

Revealed-Facade Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2006
Thanks. I'll keep that in mind!
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