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January 27, 2007
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Filipino Pirates Coat of Arms by Nordenx Filipino Pirates Coat of Arms by Nordenx
This is a Coat of Arms I made for my Filipino crew (Anak Bathala) in the online game Puzzle Pirates - [link]

For more info about Coat of Arms, click here - [link]

The following descriptions refers to in-game and real life (IRL) symbolisms and representations:

Crest= a golden crown symbolizing my Monarchy (in-game)

Wreath= Chalice of blood trophy (golden squid holding a red enamel cup of kraken's blood symbolizes my quest for adventure, riches, and fame (in-game & IRL).

Helm= American eagle symbolizes being a proud American citizen (IRL).

Mantling= Green ribbon symbolizing Viridian (in-game) also it symbolizes the holy color of Islam which is part of my Filipino heritage (IRL); our crew's name in gold text in Baybayin Script (ancient Filipino writing system) that symbolizes gold (poe & doubs) & riches (in-game) also the Catholic church (IRL) which is also a part of my Filipino heritage (IRL).

Chief= Black for Piracy (in-game & IRL)

Field= (in-game) Red for war & valor; White for peace & freedom; Blue for honor & the sea; (IRL) red white & blue are the colors of the Philippine & U.S. flag - symbolizing my Filipino-American status.

Charge= Filipino pirate skull and crossed swords - Kris & Kampilan - Filipino swords used by warriors and pirates in the Philippine seas from as early as the 10th century up to today; the Kris symbolizes royalty and officers in command (IRL) & my being a captain & royalty (in-game); the Kampilan symbolizes fierce warriors, rebels, and pirates (IRL) which my crew are (in-game); three yellow stars symbolizes the 3 island groups in the Philippine archipelago (IRL) and the 3 archipelagos in Viridian ocean (in-game); the yellow sun with 8 stylized radiating rays symbolizes the Philippine provinces that first rebelled against the Spaniards (IRL) and my officers and crew members (in-game), without them my crew is nothing. This charge is also used in our crew's banner/flag .

Supporter= a red dragon symbolizing the Chinese blood of my ancestors (IRL) and the Shanghais (in-game); golden lion symbolizing my Spaniard ancestors (IRL) and the Latin flag mates we have & the flag my crew previously served where I was a Royalty (in-game).

Compartment= a green island symbolizing Viridian (in-game) and my home island Mindoro where I was born and raised (IRL); two ships symbolizing an armada of ships and power that my crew aims for (in-game); gold league point symbolizes the island that we plan to successfully blockade in the future (in-game); the sea symbolizes the sea (in-game) obviously, it also symbolizes the sea (IRL) where I grew up near to, a tsunami symbolizes the hidden force and power of the sea or my crew/flag (ingame) to be unleashed when least expected, it also symbolizes the power of the people (IRL); a cloud in the horizon symbolizes fair winds and storms brewing (in-game/IRL).

Motto= Kalayaan, Kaligayahan (in Baybayin Script; Tagalog/Filipino for "Freedom, Happiness")

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blue-fusion Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2007
try looking up arimoanga and naga/baconaua...
Gwatsinanggo Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2007
a link would be nice.^^
blue-fusion Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2007
ok, that might have sounded uncouth. actually, i scoured the google search results on the topic some time back and just saved all the pertinent stuff as one big text file, so it'd be kinda a chore to do the search all over again. i think wikepedia has some stuff on pinoy myths, though. try searching there for baconaua (or bakonawa). :)
Gwatsinanggo Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2007
thanks. you know your philippine mythology man!^^ I salute you
blue-fusion Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2007
c'mon that'd be spoonfeeding already.
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