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Gumamela in Baybayin by Nordenx Gumamela in Baybayin by Nordenx
A flower abundant and popular in the Philippine islands and all throughout South East Asia and the Pacific with many colors & variety - the "Gumamela" (a.k.a. hibiscus, china rose or "tapurang" in Visayan) is represented here in Calligraphic Baybayin script. Baybayin script is an ancient Filipino islander form of writing that probably evolved from the even older Pacific island scripts from Borneo or even Kavi from Java. Several books or codex were published using Baybayin print during the Philippine Spanish colonial times; Tagalog, Ilocano, and Visayan translations of the Bible, prayerbooks, and legal documents recorded both the original and the Spanish versions of Baybayin. However throughout the years, the use of baybayin slowly declined in favor of the more practical Roman Alphabet.

Today the script is kept alive by artisans such as poets, native jewelers, tattoo artists, and a small number of academic people and tribal artists. I take a special interest in Baybayin because my father taught me the script when I was a young boy back in the islands and now that I reside thousands of miles away - the script brings a sort of connection back to my father and my Filipino heritage.

Inspired by the cover logo for the videogame "Sampaguita" for the Japanese Playstation. The Sampaguita game caught my interest because Masamune Shirow was responsible for the character designs. Shirow is responsible for many classic & iconic Anime and Manga art such as Ghost in the Shell, Dominion: Tank Police, Appleseed, and many more. Not only am I a big fan of Shirow's work, Sampaguita is also one of those rare Japanese-only released games with a Filipino as a main Character.

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For more information about the Gumamela flower, go to: [link]
hoochthepooch Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2008
I love your work >.<
Nordenx Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2008  Professional General Artist
Thank you. ^_^
hoochthepooch Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
Know anyone who would help out with a Baybayin tattoo for free/ cheap? 0_o
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